Letter “H”!

say helloheart zoobe a peahands can
Say Hello!- Rachel Isadora
My Heart is Like a Zoo- Michael Hall
I Don’t Want to Be a Pea!- Ann Bonwill
Hands Can- Cheryl Willis Hudson
The letter “H” was one of my favorite letters so far for storytime. We used words such as “hello”, “heart”, “hippo”, and “hands”. Just saying all those aloud is fun! My favorite of the bunch is Say Hello! mostly because it was such a challenge for me to learn. I had to practice how to say the many hello’s featured in the book to teach the kids. Fun! Another goofy one is I Don’t Want to be a Pea, this one may have been a little over the heads of my little ones, but it’s just so darn silly! These are all wonderful books and are great read alouds.
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